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The 6th Asian Fern Symposium

Bali, 26 - 28 August 2014

"Asian Ferns Research: How Far Can We Go?"



A day fieldtrip on August 29 will bring you to eastern part of Bali island where the ancient Tenganan village calls Bali Aga lives. In Tenganan, you will see customs diffrent from common Balinese. They are producing traditional weaving cloth and handycraft made from wire fern. >>> more.....

Only if minimum 12 participants achieved and cost IDR 400,000.

Short destination behind the garden is mt. Tapak (1980 m alt), part of Batukau nature reserve. Due to strick regulation on nature reserve, collecting any materials is prohibited and limited number of person will be applied. It will take cost IDR 150,000.

The hiking to mt. Tapak will take 4 hours, they have relatively good tropical rain forest. The walks will include challanging climb and down, an appropriate hiking gears and fit body condition is a must.

How to get involved?
The Asian Fern Symposium is held by non-profit professional society, personals or organizations are invited to support our event. If you interested to joint in, please contact us for detail and offer.

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